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The Abacus Medicine Group is an equal opportunity employer. Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to our culture. The Abacus Medicine Group proactively aims for a broad, diverse, and balanced representation of staff that represents the countries we operate in. We aim to hire the best qualified individuals as we seek to assist our purpose. Selection of candidates will be based upon information gathered from applications, personal interviews, background information, and prior work experience.

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Life at the Abacus Medicine Group

Working at Abacus Medicine means working in a team.
Career in Abacus Medicine in the Netherlands

Our sales force would never be able to deliver on their promises without the thousands of products provided by our Purchase managers and re-packaged by our Production and Warehouse staff. The constant flexibility displayed by managers in our Supply Chain go hand in hand with the unwavering attention to detail required in Quality Assurance. Take away our colleagues in Finance, and no one would ever get paid.

We are a colorful blend of cultures and backgrounds. We come from all over the world and speak a wealth of languages: Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish and many more. Such diversity is very useful in a company where we buy and sell medicines in many markets.

Entrepreneurial and ambitious 
The team at Abacus Medicine has achieved significant growth ever since the company’s founding. Growth is in our DNA. We are much too impatient to rest on our laurels; instead, we praise an entrepreneurial mindset and the courage to do things differently.

As an employer, we are proud of our tradition of hiring young people and empowering them from the outset. We wish to offer a working environment where ambitious, talented people can challenge themselves and grow. Abacus Medicine regularly attracts candidates from the leading institutions of higher education.

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Student Board

Student workers are integral to the Abacus Medicine Group and are present in almost all departments throughout the entire organization. Students are a part of our culture and always have been.

To highlight the importance of our students and to facilitate their continuous personal as well as professional development, we have recently launched the Abacus Medicine Student Board; a cross-departmental group of students from the entire organization. The Board is selected each year.

The Board organizes social events, such as breakfast-talks and quizzes. It also facilitates our student strategy day, consisting of our annual internal case competition. The Student Board furthermore supports HR in our continuous student recruitment.

Are you a student and want to be part of the team? We are often looking for new young talents to join our team, so do keep an eye on our job postings.

Abacus Medicine is proud to be an official Career Partner of Copenhagen Business School. Currently, more than 60% of our Student Analysts in Denmark are studying at CBS.

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Student Board in Abacus Medicine

Abacus Medicine is the main sponsor and partner of #impaktWISE

As a CBS Career Partner, Abacus Medicine is proud to also be the main sponsor and partner of #impaktWISE.

#impaktWISE is a project that aims to develop entrepreneurial solutions to social, environmental and economic challenges. It does so by helping talented students and social entrepreneurs from across the world develop new and innovative business model ideas.

Partnering with #impaktWISE allows us to support and engage with dedicated and entrepreneurial students, who have always been a central part of our organization.

You can read more about #impaktWISE here.

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