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“You get the freedom to develop your own career. There is space in this company to grow.

I started as a student assistant 5 years ago. Today (in 2018), I am sitting here as Director of Sales and Business Development, managing 20 people and sales of more than 150 million euros.”

Frederik Heupel


“I work in a young, exciting and international environment. We are busy, but we also have a lot of fun.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Business Administration from back home in Romania, and a Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Copenhagen Business School. I am responsible for the customer portfolio and sales to the UK market.”

Ioana Cotârlea

Operations Manager, Business Development UK

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Áron, Dalma, Móni, Sári and Berni

Regulatory Team, HU

“In the Regulatory team it is our job to acquire the necessary licenses and ensure that the conditions required for distributing pharmaceuticals …”

Henrik Lundby Pedersen

Student Analyst, Global Business Development

“For me, the ability to grow with tasks, get responsibility from day one, and really be trusted as a student…”

Lise Vejholt

Area Manager, Purchase

“When I joined Abacus Medicine 11 years ago, I was attracted by how ambitious the company was. Today, we are much bigger, but …”

Imre Pocsai

Warehouse Comissioning Team Leader

“I began my career at Abacus as a temporary worker in 2016. I liked the company, so not long after this I applied for a permanent position…”

“We support the general decision making around the company by utilizing our strong mathematical skillset through a combination of domain knowledge and data science. A common characteristic across our varying tasks is our ongoing interaction with the rest of the organisation to ensure that the solutions we develop fit the organisation the best possible way.

My team and I enjoy this collaboration with our colleagues, but also the collaboration internally in our department by helping each other and having fun.”

Ida Grieger Gravesen

Data Analyst, Business Analytics

“As a student, working for Abacus is fun, challenging, and rewarding. You enjoy a lot of responsibility whilst getting to utilize all your competencies and at the same time developing them further.

You always feel that your input and opinion are valued, and you feel like an important part of the company. Working for Abacus, you are part of a unique culture and surrounded by great colleagues.”

Christian Tillegreen

Student Analyst, Purchase Intelligence