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Young professionals

Young professionals

In the Abacus Medicine Group, we are always looking for ambitious and engaged newly graduates to join our team. When you work in the Abacus Medicine Group, we invest in the development of you. We facilitate a learning environment with on-the-job-training where you can always ask for help and get advice from your colleagues and managers for you to build and cultivate your career. You will enjoy the same amount of responsibility as an experienced professional for you to learn and grow as much as possible. We take pride in employing young professionals at all levels and we encourage them to take on much responsibility matching your ambitions and high performance.

We offer you the chance to solve exciting challenges and have the opportunity for future career development both vertically and laterally in our organization. You are in charge of your own development while working with inspiring and motivating leaders.

Experienced professionals

Experienced professionals

If you are an experienced professional looking to apply your years of practice into new challenges, your skills and experience will be a valuable asset to the Abacus Medicine Group. Whether you are wanting to deepen your expertise or develop new competencies, we are here to support your journey.

We are looking for experienced hires who want to take their career in a new direction or try out a new industry, and we encourage you to become the best version of yourself. We will match your ambitions and high performance with your responsibility.

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Frederik Heupel


“You get the freedom to develop your own career. There is space in this company to grow. I started as a student assistant 5 years ago…”

Áron, Dalma, Móni, Sári and Berni

Regulatory Team, HU

“In the Regulatory team, it is our job to acquire the necessary licenses and ensure that the conditions required for distributing …”

Lise Vejholt

Area Manager, Purchase

“When I joined Abacus Medicine 11 years ago, I was attracted by how ambitious the company was. Today, we are much bigger, but …”

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