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Abacus Medicine is firmly established among the market leaders in the European parallel distribution industry. 

Originalis is a parallel distributor of medicine operating in Germany and Ireland.

Abacus Medicine Pharma Services works with Clinical Trial Supply, Commercial Partnerships and Unlicensed Medicines.

Pluripharm is a leading wholesaler in the Netherlands and offers a full line of medicines, medical devices and services to a range of customers.

We are innovative, dedicated
and we care.

The Abacus Medicine Group is built on a strong purpose. When we compete in the market, we help lower the prices on life-critical medicines so that they become more widely available. 

The Abacus Medicine Group is a business. We operate commercially, and our activities provide jobs, careers and livelihoods for hundreds of people in dozens of countries. 

But we are more than that. When we compete in the market, we help life-critical medicines become more widely available. This gives us a purpose beyond ourselves and is something we can be proud of.

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