Abacus Medicine Group

Whistleblower Scheme

Abacus Medicine has established a Whistleblower Scheme in order to allow the reporting of potential violations of the law and serious violations of internal company policy and procedures.

Who can report an incident?

Any past and present employees and partners of the Abacus Medicine Group, including all subsidiaries, can report any concerns they may have under the Whistleblower Scheme.

What can be reported?
The types of concerns that may be raised under the Whistleblower Scheme are serious and sensitive concerns that could have an adverse impact on the operations and performance of Abacus Medicine’s business, employees and other people interacting with the company. Such concerns include, without limitation, concerns regarding:

  • Money laundering, bribery or corruption;
  • fraud (e.g. financial fraud, document fraud, or embezzlement);
  • serious violations of the internal company policies and procedures;
  • financing of terrorism; or
  • The life or health of individuals, major deficiencies regarding security in the workplace and serious forms of discrimination or harassment or other irregularities of a general or operational nature, such as serious dangers concerning the vital interests of Abacus Medicine.

Anonymity and no retaliation
The whistleblower remains anonymous when reporting an incident even when receiving updates or providing further information to the investigation team.

All whistleblowers are protected from any kind of retaliation, discriminatory or disciplinary action, including discharge, demotion, suspension, threats, or any other kind of harassment. Any such retaliation against a whistleblower is considered a serious breach of the Whistleblower Scheme. However, such protection shall not apply if the whistleblower maliciously makes any demonstrably false allegations.

How to report
In order to stay anonymous and avoid tracking from the website when reporting, the URL below must be copied into a new browser window giving instructions on how to report an incident along with the full Whistleblowing Scheme: