The Abacus Medicine Group is headed by our Board of Directors and the Executive Management Team.

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board Niels Smedegaard
Niels Smedegaard

Chairman of the Board

Board Member Troels Peter Troelsen

Troels Peter Troelsen

Board Member

Board Member Jens Albert Harsaae
Jens Albert Harsaae

Board Member

CEO Flemming Wagner

Flemming Wagner

CEO & majority shareholder

Board Member Anders K. Bønding

Anders K. Bønding

Board Member

Board Member Mark Johnston

Mark Johnston

Board Member

Board Member Michala Fischer-Hansen

Michala Fischer-Hansen

Board Member

Executive Management Team

CEO Flemming Wagner

Flemming Wagner

CEO & majority shareholder

Abacus Medicine Group CFO, Maria Addis

Maria Addis


CLO Lene Beck McCormick

Lene Beck McCormick


CCO Frederik Heupel

Frederik Heupel


Allan Dinesen


HR Director Marianne Juhl Christensen
Marianne Juhl Christensen

Global HR Director

EVP Commercial Partnerships Kasper Yde
Kasper Yde

EVP, Commercial Partnership

EVP Enterprise Systems and Analytics Mogens Hobolth
Mogens Hobolth

EVP, Data & Analytics

Managing Director, Pluripharm
Léon Tinke

Managing Director,

Managing Director Simon Estcourt
Simon Estcourt

Managing Director, Abacus Medicine Pharma Services