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We attribute our success to the hands-on approach and can-do attitude of our employees – from our dedicated, data-driven analysts to our diligent warehouse workers.

Get to know their stories.

Miguel, Data Analyst

– The data stacks we work with are very advanced, and I get to try things out with a solid space for error. It’s pretty inspiring.

Miguel is one of our data analysts. He hails from Portugal, but moved to Copenhagen to finish his studies – and to stand on his own two feet.

– It can be a bit difficult to find independence in a  family of six siblings, says Miguel.

He chose to do a master’s in business analytics at the Technical University of Denmark because he “loves to solve problems and help others through data”. Even though he, at that time, didn’t know much about coding.

Luckily for us, he has become quite the expert at that since then. In his own words, it only took a couple of years of very hard studying and work. Today, he’s been with the Abacus Medicine Group for more than two years, where he is especially fond of working creatively with advanced technology:

– I think the advanced tech, and the strong sense of community and fun, I have with my colleagues, is what allows us to do some great work.

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Kathleen, Sustainability Specialist

Ensuring we all know why and how sustainability is important to our business, both when it comes to growth and our environmental and social impact is a challenge for sure – just the way Kathleen prefers it.

– Working against climate change by driving internal change in the company is really rewarding. I feel like I can have a concrete meaningful impact.

Most things don’t come easy. But for Kathleen, her first position at Abacus Medicine Group just made sense. Not only for her, but also for us. Today, she’s been with us for nearly three years.

– I had heard about Abacus from friends who told me how nice the culture was. So when a student position came up focused on exactly what I’m specialised in, it felt like the company chose me, she says.

Luckily for us, she also chose us. Since then, she has sharpened our look on and awareness about sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) in a specialist position.

– It’s such a diverse job. I work with many different partners both internally and externally, trying to redefine structures, create a sense of responsibility and have an impact on how we think about and prioritise sustainability and social aspects.

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