Abacus Medicine Group

We have won our Gazelle Award number 12.

The Gazelle is awarded by Børsen to the fastest-growing Danish companies of the year.

Abacus Medicine has won its 12th Gazelle Award. This makes Abacus Medicine the company with the most Gazelle Awards of all in Denmark. No other company has ever won 12!

We are extremely proud of this extraordinary and rare achievement and would like to thank all employees of the Abacus Medicine Group who have made this possible.

Earlier today CEO Flemming Wagner told Børsen about the journey: “When you start as an entrepreneur, the days are filled with numbers and agreements and a thousand things in a big jumble that you have to try to navigate”.

“Getting a gazelle for the first time gave me a boost and it was almost like winning a championship. I kissed the first one like it was a trophy”.

Flemming Wagner with Abacus Medicine's Gazelle Award number 12