Abacus Medicine Group

Allan Dinesen appointed new Chief Operating Officer of the Abacus Medicine Group.

Allan Dinesen becomes the fifth member of an expanded Chief Executive Management Team.

The Abacus Medicine Group has appointed Allan Dinesen as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO), and member of the Chief Executive Management Team.

CEO and founder Flemming Wagner says: “I am very excited to welcome Allan to take over the responsibility as COO and to welcome Allan as the fifth member of the Chief Executive Management Team. As the head of Operations and Regulatory Affairs, Allan will play big part in developing the future Group strategy. “

The Operations and Regulatory Affairs departments are core functions of the Abacus Medicine Group and number more than 600 employees, primarily in Budapest, Hungary and Alkmaar, The Netherlands. 

Allan Dinesen joins Abacus Medicine with many years of international experience in supply chain, production, warehouse operations, including 13 years at parallel importer Orifarm, latest in the role of COO.

Allan Dinesen COO of Abacus Medicine