Abacus Medicine Group

Annual report 2021: The Abacus Medicine Group overcame challenging markets affected by COVID-19 to record high revenue growth.

Revenue rose 42% to EUR 941 million through growth in all three business areas of the Group.


The Abacus Medicine Group faced challenging market conditions in 2021 as millions of treatments were postponed due to COVID-19. Today, the Group announces revenue growth of 42% to EUR 941 million. Organic growth was 19%, when adjusted for the effect of the Pluripharm business being included in the numbers with 12 months in 2021 against 5 months in 2020. EBITDA of EUR 16.6 million was a also new record for the company.

The EBITDA result for the Dutch pharmaceutical wholesaler Pluripharm improved to EUR 0.5 million in 2021. This is an important milestone in the turnaround of the Pluripharm business, as it marks the return to a positive result after consecutive years of negative EBITDA.

CEO Flemming Wagner says: “We posted growth in all of our three business areas: Abacus Medicine (Parallel Distribution), Pluripharm and Abacus Medicine Pharma Services. In markets with weaker demand because of COVID-19, this is highly satisfactory, even if profitability was below our long-term ambition.”

Profit before tax was EUR 2.1 million.

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