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COVID-19 vaccinations settled in Region Zealand: Practio and Abacus Medicine take the win

29 APRIL 2021

Practio and Abacus Medicine will be responsible for vaccinating up to 43,500 citizens a day across 5 local centres in the region. The news has settled weeks of uncertainty, as the first tender round did not result in a private distributor of COVID-19 vaccines in this region.

One month ago, Practio and Abacus Medicine won the task of running 8 local vaccination centres in the Region of Southern Denmark. Now, the Danish regions have chosen the two companies once again.

Flemming Wagner, founder and CEO of Abacus Medicine, says: “With Region Zealand settled, the whole of Denmark is now covered. That is the most important aspect here. We are proud to have been given the responsibility, and we look forward to getting started in the Region of Southern Denmark and now also Region Zealand.”

Information on the vaccination centres

In the coming weeks, Practio and Abacus Medicine will establish a total of 5 local vaccination centres in the following cities in Region Zealand: Jyderup, Kalundborg, Nakskov, Greve and Vordingborg.

These 5 vaccination centres will be able to handle up to 43,500 vaccinations a day, and will be open from 08:00 to 21:00 all seven days of the week.

Finding and recruiting the many new employees for the vaccination centres is already going well and the work will continue the coming weeks in close collaboration with local job centres.

Read the full press release in Danish here: Corona-vaccination på plads i Region Sjælland: Practio og Abacus Medicine vinder opgaven