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Private vaccination centres: The Danish government and regions choose Practio and Abacus Medicine

07 APRIL 2021

Together, Practio and Abacus Medicine are responsible for vaccinating up to 61,200 citizens a day distributed across 8 centres in the region. This became clear earlier today as the Danish regions announced the results of the tender for private COVID-19 vaccination centres.

“We have been preparing for months. So, today we are very happy that the regions chose Practio and asked us to be responsible for vaccinating thousands of Danes. We have the necessary knowledge and expertise, and because we are already a part of the British vaccination programme, we also bring valuable experience. Now, we are looking forward to getting started in Denmark as quickly as possible,” says Jonas Nilsen, doctor and co-founder of Practio.

Practio is working together with Abacus Medicine, which is responsible for Good Distribution Practice (GDP), including the receival and correct cold storage of the vaccines, documentation of the temperature control, etc. Furthermore, Abacus Medicine secures a financial robustness, demanded by the tender conditions, with its annual turnover of DKK 4.5 billion.

Flemming Wagner, founder and CEO of Abacus Medicine, says: “Vaccinating citizens against COVID-19 is among the most important tasks in Danish society these coming months. It is a big responsibility that we are excited to take on.”

Practio and Abacus Medicine already have good experience contributing to the national COVID-19 efforts. Last year, the two companies were able to offer Danes the first antibody test at local pharmacies.

Information on the vaccination centres

In the coming weeks, Practio and Abacus Medicine will establish a total of 8 local vaccination centers.

A total of approximately 750 employees will be needed to staff the local vaccination centres, which will be open from 08:00 until 21:00 all 7 days of the week. The process of finding and recruiting these employees is already well underway and will continue in the coming weeks.

The employees will perform a long series of carefully defined tasks. All the employees must therefore complete a thorough training programme, which includes both an online and a practical course.

Read the full press release in Danish here Private vaccinecentre: Regeringen og regionerne peger på Practio og Abacus Medicine