Abacus Medicine Group

The Abacus Medicine Group releases our first Sustainability Report 2021.

With the publication of our Group Sustainability Report, our sustainability efforts are becoming more visible to our stakeholders and society.


The introduction of the Sustainability Report is an important step for our company and our continued focus on sustainability. This first report is the beginning of a journey, and we are already now working diligently on a number of initiatives that can bring our sustainability efforts even further in the future. 

In the report, you will find detailed information about our sustainability efforts throughout 2021 and our view on sustainability in general. You will also be able to read about our 8 focus programs and their progress in 2021. And importantly, for the first time ever, you will find ESG data. 

CEO Flemming Wagner says: “2021 has been a challenging year in many aspects. Not least as we have continued to navigate the global COVID-19 pandemic, while securing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and making sure to deliver medicines to patients without disruption. Despite this, we are delighted to see our sustainability efforts becoming increasingly more visible both internally, and now also externally. To us, sustainability is not just about reporting, but as with all we do, about dedication and care”.

Read the full Sustainability Report 2021 here.