Abacus Medicine Group

Sustainability report 2022: The Abacus Medicine Group continued to work with sustainability and ESG with 6 focus programs.

A materiality assessment, an official Diversity & Inclusion strategy, and workshops for increased awareness of sustainability and ESG across the company were among the concrete initiatives in the Group’s strategic sustainability efforts.


In 2022, the Abacus Medicine Group further built on the foundation laid with the introduction of the first Sustainability Report last year. We worked diligently on several initiatives with the aim of bringing our sustainability efforts even further.  

In the report, you will find detailed information about our sustainability efforts throughout 2022, our view on sustainability in general, and our plans going forward.  

We believe that our purpose of providing better access to medicine holds a substantial positive social impact, yet we are aware of the negative effects our business model may have. We work continuously to improve and mitigate these effects to the extent possible. 

To this end, we work with 6 focus programs to ensure that ESG increasingly becomes an integral part of our operations and processes; Transportation, Waste & Sourcing, Supplier Code of Conduct, Community Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, and ESG reporting. You can read more about these and how they progressed in the report.   

View the full Sustainability Report 2022 for the Abacus Medicine Group.