Abacus Medicine Group

Sustainability report 2023: Sustainability is an enabler of ambitious Access26 strategy

In 2023, sustainability became an enabler of our Access26 strategy – an important step towards ensuring a deeper integration of sustainability in all our processes and operations.  Throughout the year, we also prepared for the upcoming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, under which we need to report in 2026.


We believe that our purpose of providing better access to medicine holds a substantial positive societal impact. But we also work to improve and mitigate any negative effects our business model may have. Proactively driving our sustainability efforts can create real value for our company and our community.

A large part of our sustainability efforts last year had to do with the social aspect – ensuring an inclusive and friendly workplace for all. That means that we have continued working with our diversity & inclusion strategy, training our leaders and strengthening our culture. We see these initiatives as key for the success of our strategy.   

We’ve also worked diligently on other initiatives with the aim of taking our sustainability efforts even further; we’ve kept bringing more awareness of sustainability to the minds of our colleagues, while at the same time preparing for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

In the report, you will find detailed information about our sustainability efforts throughout 2023, our view on sustainability in general, and our plans going forward. 

View the full Sustainability Report 2023 for the Abacus Medicine Group.